Guangxi Wuzhou delegation to visit the Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce to Promote six Fort Tea
Guangxi Wuzhou delegation to visit the Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce to Promote six Fort Tea
Thu, 30 March 2017 15:20
(Jakarta) Guangxi Wuzhou City Committee Deputy Secretary Jiang Haidong led a delegation, including Deputy Secretary-General Liang Jinchang, Wuzhou tea industry development office director Tang Yunkai, deputy director of the Commerce Bureau Li Dongxia, Cangwu county magistrate Xie Shangao, Guangxi Wuzhou six fort Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tea Co., Ltd. Ma Shicheng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce on March 22 (Wednesday), attended by Vice Chairman Chen Bo-nian, Secretary-General Zhou Weiliang, Senior Consultant Yang Bingshu, Lin Songshi, Chen Yijing, Huang Shijian, Weng Zumin, Huang Yuxiang, Guo Xiaojian, Xu Qunhao's warm welcome, the two sides exchange and promote friendship.
"First of all, I would like to welcome the delegation headed by Vice Minister Jiang Haidong of Guangxi Wuzhou Municipal Committee," As the ASEAN member country and the largest economy, Indonesia attaches great importance to regional political security and economic development. Since 3 years ago, President Zouke Since the ruling, it has been to revitalize Indonesia 's economic development efforts.
The current government will focus on infrastructure development, highlighting Indonesia's historical and geographical advantages of the marine hub, and actively promote the marine fisheries, marine energy development, marine transportation and other areas of development, but also with the Chinese government in active promotion The concept of the 21st century Maritime Silk Road highly fit.
Chen Bo Nian further pointed out that very welcome Chinese friends to Indonesia to exchange, study, investment, the Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce is willing to become a Sino-Indian information exchange, economic and trade cooperation between the bridge, sincerely hope that by representing the communication and exchanges, both sides can build first-class Business environment, promote industrial innovation and development, and establish more channels to promote economic development between the two sides.
Vice President Jiang Haidong first thanked the Indonesian Chinese General Chamber of Commerce members of the warm hospitality, this time to Indonesia is mainly to promote Guangxi Wuzhou six Fort tea (black tea), hoping to promote the promotion of good health in Indonesia tea, and to further understand Indonesia's tea industry development, as well as the local people's tea habits, etc., the six Fort tea to the Indonesian people, and demand and business opportunities in Indonesia entrepreneurs.
In addition, a brief introduction to the geographical location of Guangxi Wuzhou City. He said that the population of Wuzhou City, 3.4 million, convenient transportation, Guangxi is the transport hub, a small Hong Kong called in the industrial, pharmaceutical, food, agriculture, tourism and other fields have a good development, through this exchange sincerely invite Indonesia China General Chamber of Commerce members took the time to Wuzhou walk to see, sightseeing.


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