Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce Receives a Delegation from Overseas Exchange Association
Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce Receives a Delegation from Overseas Exchange Association
Thu, 23 November 2017 13:49

(Jakarta News) Zhang Jinxiong, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of China Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia Zhang Jinxiong, Vice Chairman Chen Bolin and Xue Tianzeng, Secretary General Zhou Weiliang, Senior Consultant Yang Bingshu, Weng Zuhui, Wang Lisong, Chen Yijing and Weng Hualing, as well as Sun, Consul of Chinese Embassy Bright and First Secretary Wang Xiaolin visited the clubhouse at 11 am on October 9 (Monday) at the clubhouse with Zhang Jianqing and Wen Xue, the heads of the Liaison Department of China Overseas Communications Association.


In his speech, Zhang Jinxiong, executive vice chairman of Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, made a speech about the opening up of Indonesia's democratic construction in recent years. Indonesia has witnessed rapid development, social stability and improvement of people's living standards. The total economic output of Indonesia in 2016 was about 93 billion U.S. dollars and the per capita income was 36,000 U.S. dollars. Under the leadership of the current government, Indonesia actively boosted infrastructure construction and streamlined investment procedures to make Indonesia's economy grow steadily. In the first half of 2017, Indonesia implemented a total investment of 336.7 billion dongs, a year-on-year increase of 12.9%. China leapt to the third-largest source of investment in Indonesia in 2016, thus making the trend more stable. India and China have enjoyed a more stable development.


Indonesia is uniquely advantaged in marine geography and has had a brilliant maritime economic and trade power in history. President Zoe Kewei proposed to build Indonesia into a "sea fulcrum state," and actively bring into play our marine superiority. This is in line with the idea of ​​President Xi Jinping's visit to Indonesia in 2013 and his proposal of jointly building the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road." Nowadays, Chinese enterprises can see the figure in many fields such as infrastructure construction, construction materials, e-commerce and so on. It can be said that many Chinese enterprises and Chinese entrepreneurs have already taken actions to prove that Indonesia will be a hot spot with great potential for development.


The Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia sincerely hopes and believes that Indonesia and China will jointly write a glorious chapter in the 21st World Maritime Silk Road. The Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia will, as always, do a good job in the chamber of commerce and provide a good platform to do a good job in serving the social and cultural exchanges between the two sides. To build a more beautiful and prosperous Indonesia, more prosperous China, work together!


Minister Zhang Jianqing of China Overseas Exchange Association tells about the future development trend of overseas exchange associations, including solidarity and cooperation with overseas Chinese. To strengthen functional development, it is expected that overseas Chinese will form "Chinese centers" with appropriate and qualified conditions to develop Chinese medicine , Chinese food, and its advanced management mode. Propaganda Department to make full use of Chinese factors such as dragon boat, dragon and lion dance and other fine traditional culture and development.


Development of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Overseas Chinese, especially young people, have a better understanding of new industries and business technologies in China so as to share some achievements and achievements of development in China. All in all, it is expected that overseas Chinese youths will uphold their integrity, deepen their in-depthness and make extensive use of their relations with China. Here, the Liaison Department of China Overseas Exchange Association will be happy to be the consultation platform for these related issues. After the exchange, both parties will present souvenirs and take a group photo.



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