Welcome Indonesian Entrepreneurs to Study Investment
Welcome Indonesian Entrepreneurs to Study Investment
Thu, 23 November 2017 14:58

(Jakarta) Li Gang, Director of Yunnan Central-Central New Area Administrative Committee and Kunming Municipal Committee, Deputy Secretary of CPC Yunnan Branch Li Jinbo, Vice Minister of Yunnan Zhongnong New Area Integrated Management Department Yan Min, Deputy Director of Economic Development Zone of New District Jin Xiong, Deputy Director of Airport Economic Zone , Entrepreneur Wang Lei and others, came to the Chamber of Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia on Monday (January 25) at 1:30 p.m.


They were welcomed by Secretary-General Zhou Weiliang, Vice Chairman and Finance Minister Lin Wenxian, Counselor Presidents Wu Guangkai, Chen Yijing, Huang Yuxiang, Yang Xinsheng, Huang Zhihui and Xie Jubin.


Zhou Wei-liang said that as Indonesia, the founding member of ASEAN, we have always attached importance to regional cooperation and attached great importance to our good-neighborly friendship and cooperation in various fields. In particular, since President Zuko took office, he emphasized the importance of actively playing the role of Indonesia's maritime transport hub in developing the national strategy for the fulcrum of the sea. This is in line with the high degree of engagement of the Chinese government in actively promoting the maritime Silk Road in the 21st century.


"Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry is very welcome to China for exchange, investigation and investment, and we are willing to become a bridge between Indonesia and China for information exchange, economic and trade cooperation and sincerely hope that both sides can create and communicate with the delegation through communication A business-to-business environment to promote industrial innovation and development and establish more channels for economic development between the two sides. Finally, I wish the delegation a complete success in this visit. "


He Gang first briefly introduced the latest development of Yunnan's Central New Area.


He said that this visit to Jakarta, Indonesia, is aimed at implementing the strategic Belt and Road initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping and orienting the economic, trade and industrial development of Yunnan's Central New Area to Southeast Asia as an important pivot in South Asia and Southeast Asia.


He pointed out that through this visit, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia conveyed this message and also welcomed Indonesian entrepreneurs to visit the "ASEAN Industry City" in the Central New Area of ​​Yunnan for investments.


He Gang said that in order to further strengthen Yunnan-Yunnan Central New Area and South and Southeast Asian countries, especially with Indonesia in a number of industries, they will organize entrepreneurs to visit and study in Indonesia in the future and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce To make greater contribution to the development of economic and trade fields. After the exchange, both parties presented souvenirs and posed for pictures.



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