Delegation of Trade and Investment Department of China-ASEAN Center Visits Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Delegation of Trade and Investment Department of China-ASEAN Center Visits Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Mon, 27 November 2017 10:12

(Jakarta News) Li Yuanhe, Director of Trade and Investment Department of China-ASEAN Center, Yan Nan, Zhang Haijun, Chairman of China-ASEAN (Shanghai) Commodity Exchange Center, Pan Hongbin, Chairman of Su Jia Leader International Logistics Co., Ltd., November 24 (Fri ) At 11:00 am at the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia and was welcomed by Executive Directors Zhang Jinxiong, Vice Chairman Xue Tianzeng, Secretary General Zhou Weiliang, Senior Consultant Hong Peicai, Deputy Secretary General Chen Yongzhi, Lin Songshi and Xie Jubin.


Zhang Jinxiong said: First of all, allow me, on behalf of all my colleagues in the Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to extend my warmest welcome and sincere greetings to Director Li Yuan and all of you who visited me. As the fourth G-nation in the world and the only G-20 country in ASEAN, Indonesia has always attached great importance to its economic and trade cooperation and social and cultural exchanges with China.


Since the conclusion of the "strategic partnership" between Indonesia and China in April 2005 and the launch of the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area in 2010, the cooperation between Indonesia and China has been characterized by all-round, multi-area and deep-level cooperation. In 2016, bilateral trade between China and ASEAN reached 452.2 billion U.S. dollars, with a cumulative investment of 179.9 billion U.S. dollars. The number of personnel exchanges between the two sides exceeded 38 million. China has become the largest trading partner of ASEAN for eight consecutive years. At the same time, China is also Indonesia's largest trading partner. In 2016, Indonesia's trade with China totaled 45.783 billion U.S. dollars.


When President Xi Jinping of China visited Indonesia in 2013, he first made a speech in the parliamentary session. To build the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road," Indonesia, a unique maritime transport hub, has also played an important role as a transportation hub and trade center in international maritime trade. It has also become the cornerstone of President Zhukov's idea of ​​building a "marine fulcrum state." To revitalize Indonesia's maritime glory and lead the people to build a better and more prosperous nation requires a lot of capital investment and requires the Indonesian economy to develop faster and more steadily. We are greatly encouraged by the fact that a large number of Chinese enterprises have taken the initiative of "One Belt and One Road" to go abroad to visit and invest in and develop their cause. Many enterprises have already started to flourish in Indonesia. Some brands, Be Indonesian consumers relish, favorite brand.


Indonesia, as an emerging market country, has great potential for development. We very much welcome the Chinese government and Chinese enterprises to visit Indonesia to invest in, participate in and share in the development opportunities in Indonesia's economic and social construction and participate in Indonesia's construction. We Indonesia Chamber of Commerce, China is willing to actively play a platform role of the Chamber of Commerce, do a good job in platform services, work with China Association of Southeast Asian Nations, and relevant agencies in China to work together to build a new prosperity for the cooperation and development of enterprises, for the benefit of both parties People, make a positive contribution. Finally, I wish the delegation a complete success.


Li Yuan, director of China-ASEAN Center for Trade and Investment, said briefly that "China-ASEAN Center is an intergovernmental organization that aims to promote cooperation between China and ASEAN in the areas of trade, investment, tourism, education and culture. Beijing will continue to expand its business and set up sub-centers in member countries of ASEAN and other parts of China in October 2010. In October 2010, China and leaders of ASEAN countries jointly launched the official website of China-ASEAN Center and announced the establishment of a physical center in 2011, The establishment of the China-ASEAN Center for Entity Operation China-ASEAN began its operation in August 2011 and played an active role in promoting all-round cooperation between China and the ASEAN countries. We hope this visit will strengthen the cooperation between China and the ASEAN countries, It is with Indonesia in investment, trade and other fields of exchange and cooperation. "


Yan Nan introduced the cooperation and development of China-ASEAN Trade and Investment Department over the years with the ASEAN countries in such fields as economy and trade, investment, logistics and agriculture. After that, Zhang Hongjun, chairman of the China-ASEAN (Shanghai) Commodity Trading Center and Pan Hongbin, chairman of Su Jia Leader International Logistics Co., Ltd., introduced their cooperation status with ASEAN countries and hoped to find suitable investment partners in Indonesia. After the exchange, both parties presented souvenirs and posed for pictures.



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