Xiamen Youth Federation Delegation Visited Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association
Xiamen Youth Federation Delegation Visited Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association
Sun, 03 November 2019 22:08

(Jakarta) Xiamen Municipal Youth Federation Vice Chairman Hong Qingyan and members Xu Zhiqin and Wu Qi, general manager Lin Mingxin of Xiamen Gravel Industry Co., Ltd. and other entrepreneurs came to Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association at 3 pm on October 28 (Monday). Vice President Xu Shijing, Chen Bonian, Wang Zhenkun, Forever Honorary Chairman Yang Xiuzhen, Senior Consultant Yang Bingshu, Ji Guozhang, Huang Jianshe, Chen Yongzhi, Chen Yijing, James, Yao Hanbin, and Chief Operating Officer of Indonesia Sin Chew Daily, Qiu Yifeng, etc., warmly welcomed.

Xu Shijing pointed out that Indonesia and China have had close economic and trade cooperation since ancient times. Nowadays, it is because of the 21st century Maritime Silk Road, which is full of vitality in a new era. As one of the most important partner countries along the “Belt and Road”, we have witnessed the cooperation and development between the two countries over the past few years.

Since 2016, China has become Indonesia's third largest source of investment. In the first half of 2019, the investment from mainland China reached 2.29 billion US dollars. In 2018, the bilateral trade volume between Indonesia and China reached US$69.64 billion, a year-on-year increase of 22.5%. China has been ranked as the largest international trading partner of Indonesia for several consecutive years. In 2018, there were more than 2 million business travelers from China. China and Indonesia are in close cooperation in regional affairs, economic and trade cooperation, and social and cultural exchanges.

The friendly relations between Indonesia and Fujian have a long history. During the long-term exchanges, the people of the two places have developed deep feelings. More than 10 million Chinese people have taken root in Indonesia and have made great achievements in various industries and industries. They have become an important bridge for friendly exchanges and cooperation between Indonesia and China.

Today, Vice President Hong Qingyan led a delegation to visit Jakarta. We are very happy and sincerely hope to establish and maintain good communication and cooperation with the Xiamen Youth Federation. Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association will play a good bridge for economic and trade cooperation and enterprise exchanges between Indonesia and China, and provide necessary services for everyone to come to Indonesia for inspection and investment. Finally, I wish you all a successful trip.

Hong Qingyan first thanked the directors of Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association for their hospitality. The film briefly introduces the latest developments in various fields in Xiamen. The delegation's visit to Indonesia mainly has three purposes. First, cultural exchanges between the countries along the Belt and Road and local communities, visiting the villagers, and visiting the city of Lishui, which is a sister city with Xiamen. Second, to conduct economic and trade exchanges, I hope to learn more about Indonesia's local economic and trade, investment development, and find partners through the information provided by Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association. Third, sincerely invite Indonesian entrepreneurs to take time to go to Xiamen to take a look and sightseeing.



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